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Welcome to Pia

Your personal investment assistant

From the brains behind some of the leading financial companies in the UK, including Transferwise, Barclays Wealth and many more

I'm Pia, I'm here to make investing simple.
What do you want to know?
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Learn to invest

It's simpler than you think.

Find out more about the ways you can invest, some of the returns you can make and what to look out for
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Investing Basics
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Ways to Invest

All those brands you hear about?

Compare them.

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Utilise tools and reviews to find an investment provider that suits you.

Because we’re your personal investment assistant

From stock trading apps and robo-advisors, to wealth managers, IFAs and your high street banks, there are many ways to invest. Why not let Pia help you on your way.

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Investing, it's simpler than you think.

You don’t have to take our word for it either.

Hi Tom

TV Producer
wanting to invest in interesting projects

“Pia has surpassed my expectations. I've always found investment websites dull and boring, but these guys are definitely shaking things up. I can't wait to see what they do next.”

It’s Lily

Keen on code...
and investing too.

“Pia has totally changed my outlook on investing! Before using Pia I had no idea where to start, and so I just didn’t bother. Pia helped me to understand the importance of investing and allowed me to feel comfortable enough to be able to make my own investment decisions (something I never thought I’d do).”

We’re a friendly and busy bunch here at Pia.

Break out the bubbly!

2018 champions for the Pitch360 category

We are incredibly proud to say that we recently won the Pitch360 Personal Finance category at the 2018 Innovate Finance Global Summit.
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Our ears are burning.

City AM, a leading business daily, recently covered our launch

“Big-name former executives from institutions such as Barclays, RBS and Coutts are behind a new startup aiming to help consumers navigate the world of investing.”...
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Partners and friends

65 amazing partners, not that we’re counting

We are looking for more partners to work with as we prepare for our full launch later this year. Please get in touch if you are an FCA regulated investment platform and interested in finding out more.
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They include...